We know that without personal and spiritual development, there can be no social development. In most of the villages we work, mosques are the places where personal and spiritual development happens. Mosques also double as community centers and places of learning.

It is where people are united in worship, where men and women come to for solace and support, and where children learn to read. Mosques are the center of any community where people can congregate for their five daily prayers and Friday congregation sermons. A mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together not only for prayers, but for information, education, and meetings.

Donate and give Sadaqah by constructing a mosque in your name or a loved one today. We will construct the house of Allah in rural communities in Togo. Your Mosque will accommodate worshippers according to your sadaqa at any one time. We will construct the house of Allah in rural communities across Togo.

  • Build a small mosque (100 people)
  • Build a medium mosque (200 people)
  • Build a large mosque (400 people)


AEDT has built the masjid and mosques in Togo. Our comprehensive community mosques project includes:

  • Building mosques in rural communities
  • Provide grants to renovate existing mosques
  • Supporting mosque libraries
  • Support community education initiatives


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