The government’s education strategy 2014-2025 focuses on four key strategies: (i) develop a quality basic education to achieve universal primary education by 2022, (ii) extend preschool coverage in rural and poorer environment, (iii) develop the second cycle of quality secondary, technical, vocational, and higher education courses, and (iv) reduce the illiteracy rate.

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Problem:  While many children attend primary school, only about 41% of children are enrolled in secondary school. Only 60% of teens are literate, and recently 59% of students failed the government final exam for their grade level.

Response: Staff ensure that every registered student is able to attend school. They also provide tutoring and teach parents about the value of education. Compassion Togo is celebrating that 85% of registered children are thriving in school!


Make a Dua for the children of Togo: They will be motivated to stay in school, excel in their studies and dream big for their futures Insha’Allah.

  • Building a School
  • School Aid Programs:
    • School bags, uniforms and stationery

Hygiene Kits for children


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